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In The Line of Duty Battle of Blue Licks

Painting of the Battle of Blue Licks
Painting of the Battle of Blue Licks

The Battle of Blue Licks was fought on August 19, 1782, and was the last battle of the American Revolutionary War fought in Kentucky.  On a hill next to the Licking River in what is now Robertson County, a force of about 50 British rangers and 300 American Indians ambushed and routed 182 Kentucky militiamen killing some 64.  It was the worst defeat for the Kentuckians during the war.

  • Black, Charles [Clarence], Private
  • Boone, Israel, Private, Son of Daniel Boone.
  • Boone, Thomas, Private
  • Brannon, Samuel, Private
  • Brown, James, Private, Surveyor
  • Bulger, John, Captain
  • Corn, Esau, Private
  • Cunningham, Hugh, Private,
  • Douglass [Douglas], John, Private
    Eades [Eads], William, Private
  • Farrier, Thomas, Private
  • Ferguson, Charles, Private
  • Field [Fields], Ezekiel, Private
  • Folley, John, Private
  • Foster, Daniel, Private
  • Fry, John, Private
  • Gilvins [Givins], William, Lieutenant
  • Gordon, John, Captain
  • Graham, Little James, Private
  • Green, Jervis, Private
  • Greggs [Gregg], Daniel, Private
  • Harlan, Silas, Major - died leading the advance party.
  • Harper, Francis, Private
  • Harper, Matthew, Private
  • Harris, William, Private
  • Hinson, Thomas, Lieutenant
  • Jolly, John, Private
  • Kennedy, John, Lieutenant
  • Kincaid, Joseph, Captain
  • Ledgerwood, James, Captured and Killed
  • Lindsey, Joseph, Ensign
  • Marshall, Gilbert, Private
  • McBride, William, Captain
  • McBride, Francis, Private
  • McConnell, Andrew, Private
  • McCracken, Isaac, Private
  • McGuire, James, Lieutenant
  • Miller, Henry, Private
  • Nelson, John, Private
  • Nutt, John, Private
  • Oldfield, Joseph, Private
  • O'Neal, John, Private
  • Overton, Clough, Captain
  • Polley [Polly], Drury, Private
  • Price, John, Private
  • Robertson, William, Private
  • Rogers, Barnett, Lieutenant
  • Rose, Matthias [Matthew], Private
  • Shannon, William, Ensign
  • Smith, James, Private
  • Smith, William, Private
  • Stapleton, John, Private
  • Stephens, William, Private
  • Stern, Val, Private
  • Stevenson, John, Private
  • Stewart, William, Private
  • Todd, John, Colonel, grandfather of Mary Todd Lincoln.
  • Tomlinson, Richard, Private
  • Trigg, Stephen, Lieutenant Colonel
  • Wilson, Israel, Private,
  • Wilson [1], John, Private
  • Wilson [2], John, Private
  • Woods, Archibald, Private
  • Wylie, Matthew, Private


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