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The Berlin Crisis: (1961-1962)

Kentucky's Berlin Crisis Ribbon
Kentucky's Berlin Crisis Ribbon

Upon its return from Europe to the service of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, the Kentucky Air National Guard was re-equipped with its former aircraft, the F-51 "Mustang." The Spaatz Trophy for military proficiency was awarded to the 165th when it received RF-101 "Voodoo" supersonic jets.

Most of the duty of the mid-fifties consisted of state emergencies and disorders such as the fire duty at Mitchell Hill in Louisville, the civil disturbance at Sturgis, Kentucky, aid during flood control, and the recovery of drowned school children from the Big Sandy River at Prestonsburg, Ky., in 1958.

In September 1961, the 2nd Battalion, 123rd Armor, of Owensboro, with units in Livermore, Henderson and Paducah (two companies), and the 3rd Battalion, 123rd Armor of Bowling Green, with units in Russellville, Hopkinsville, Madisonville and Marion, were called to active duty to replace two battalions dispatched to Germany as a result of the Cold War Berlin Crisis. The 2nd Battalion 123rd Armor along with the 413th Ordinance Company, from Frankfort was sent to Fort Stewart, Georgia, and the 3rd Battalion 123rd Armor was sent to Fort Knox, Kentucky. These units served on active duty for a period of 11 months, at which time international tensions were relaxed. The Kentucky Air National Guard was also called to serve during this emergency. After the Berlin Crisis, duty was again limited to state and local support during emergencies.


Additional Information

The Kentucky Army National Guard During the Berlin Crisis from a manuscript edited by COL (Ret) Joe Craft

Ft Stewart Berlin Crisis Yearbook - Called to Serve Ft Stewart Salutes You! - Yearbook produced by Fort Stewart at the end of Berlin Crisis (28 Oct 61 - 2 Aug 62). Contains info & pictures of 2nd Tank 123rd Armor and 413th Ord Co.


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