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Brandenburg Armory

Brandenburg Armory
A Brief History of the Kentucky National Guard In Brandenburg

The armory at Brandenburg is the home of Company B, 1/123rd Armor Division, which has been in Brandenburg since November 1988. Prior to the armory, the unit was located in a leased building on Main Street from 1988-1990, and from 1990-1993, the unit was housed in a metal building that now houses a skating rink.

An artillery unit, Battery C of the 198th Field Artillery Battalion, was located in Brandenburg from November of 1953 until 1959. It was housed in two leased buildings, including part of the McGehee Farm Store, which was located on Main Street. In 1958, plans to build an armory were initiated, but the project was never completed, and the unit was deactivated in 1959. In 1984, the McGehee Farm Store burnt down. The National Guard was reorganized in 1988, and a few men volunteered for service in Desert Storm in 1990-1991.

Currently, the unit in Brandenburg participates in a variety of community activities, including the Meade County High DARE program, A Community Christmas program, and assistance with traffic control for activities in town, such as parades.

The National Guard has participated in state active duty missions, including assistance with floods, tornadoes, and snowstorms. A very destructive tornado ripped through Brandenburg in April, 1974, but there was no Guard unit in town at that time. National Guard units from around the state came to assist the townspeople during that disaster.

About The Brandenburg National Guard Armory

The Brandenburg Armory was built in 1993 and close to downtown Brandenburg. This armory is the first one built in Brandenburg, but at least three other buildings have served as the home of the National Guard since its beginnings in Brandenburg. The modern armory at Brandenburg does not have a drill hall, but classroom partitions can be removed to create one large room. The armories at Brandenburg, Leitchfield, and Shelbyville are all carbon copies of one another. The armory at Brandenburg was the first one built out of the three.


Photos and information courtesy Kentucky Heritage Council -- Report No. 25" Inventory and Evaluation of National Guard Armories in the State of Kentucky" - 1999 by Kate Carothers.


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