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Paying tribute to all those who served and all those who perished in the service of Kentucky and the Nation.

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Kentucky War of 1812 Bicentennial Event

Muster on the Kentucky - A Bicentennial Commemoration of Kentucky’s Role in the War of 1812


Welcome to the Kentucky National Guard eMuseum. This is a history of the Kentucky National Guard, a military institution whose existence predates the United States itself.

The Kentucky National Guard, like other state National Guards, has been known under various names such as state militia, state guard. It has the distinction of being one of the oldest military forces in the United States. Its history dates back to 1775, when Kentucky was known as Fincastle County, a part of western Virginia. The fundamental concept of a state or local Military organization has existed since 1636, when the Colony of Massachusetts formed a regiment of "Trained Bands."

Throughout her history, Kentucky has cherished the tradition of rendering military duty with zeal when called upon. Kentucky's history teems with incidents of self-sacrifice unsurpassed in daring and achievement. Kentuckians have answered the call to arms in all wars of our country.

Since its inception, the Kentucky National Guard has not only stood ready as an alert fighting force ready to defend Kentucky and America against those who would destroy our Democratic way of life but this voluntary citizens Army has also served in times of national disaster. The skill and proficiency with which the Guard has served Kentucky further contributes to the fact that it is, and will continue to be, a necessary and indispensable organization for the continuing existence of the Commonwealth.


The Mission of the KYNG eMuseum is to gather, preserve and make publicly accessible photographs, publications and articles that document the rich military heritage of Kentucky and the distinguished service of thousands of Kentuckians in the National Guard.

Kentuckians vs Indians

In a letter, dated 3 November 1813, Headquarters, Fort George, from General William Henry Harrison to British General Vincent, discussion is made of the use of Native Americans by the British against the Americans, and the treatment of Prisoners of War, with the following comment:

. . . I have never heard a single excuse for the employment of the savage by your government unless we can credit the story of some British officer having dared to assert that “as we employed the Kentuckians, you had a right to make use of the Indians.”

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Home Movies 2-138th In Vietnam 1968-69 
Click here to view a selection of videos from home movies made by Mike Simpson who was part of the Kentucky Army National Guard's activation and deployment of the 1-138th Field Artillery to Vietnam in 1968 -1969.

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