A Painting Crisis

“A Painting Crisis” - Two Murals by Edward A. Potts -- On October 28, 1961, as the 80th Army Band played, the 2d Medium Tank Battalion, 123d Armor of the Kentucky Army National Guard, rolled into Fort Stewart to begin a year of active Army service during the Berlin Crisis. The Kentucky tankers, from the towns of Owensboro, Livermore, Paducah and Henderson, began the job of bringing their unit to combat readiness in the shortest possible time. They also participated in "Exercise Seneca Spear," staged by the 2d Infantry Division at Fort Stewart. It was a practical demonstration of cooperation between armor and infantry and the tankers gained experience in the realistic exercise. The tankers were released from active duty on August 12, 1962. -- While at Fort Stewart, Edward A. Potts was transferred into the Battalion. During his time with the 2nd Tank he heard many wonderful stories of Kentucky and its history. He was evidently a painter in his civilian life and was inspired to create two murals for the unit. The first unit shows his vision of Kentucky and the second shows the history of the 2nd Medium Tank Battalion of the Kentucky National Guard. The paintings were prominently displayed in the Owensboro Armory, hometown of the company he served with was stationed, for many years until they were taken down during remodeling and are now in storage. -- No further information has been located to date about Mr. Potts.​