History of the Kentucky National Guard


The KYARNG Information Management Video Team, led by CW4 (R) Dewey Pope, produced an award winning video on The History of the Kentucky National Guard in 2003. Utilizing a strong team of support from state historians and local talent, this video won prestigious awards at the state and national level including: 2003 – Historical Confederation of Kentucky’s Award of Merit; 2004 – Videographer Awards, Award of Distinction; 2004 – Department of Defense Award for Best DoD Documentary.

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Legion of the Brave


Documentary on the Kentucky Army National Guard's 2-138th Field Artillery service in Vietnam produced and aired by WAVE-TV in Louisville, Kentucky shortly after the unit's return and reproduced here with their kind permission.

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Kentucky National Guard Arsenal History


A short video about the history of the Kentucky National Guard's oldest building.

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Harrodsburg Tankers Bataan Documentary


View a short clip from the movie "BATAAN – The Harrodsburg Tankers: A Time For Courage … A Time For Heroes"

Before World War II, the Harrodsburg Tankers were the 38th Tank Company of the Kentucky Army National Guard. They were among the first Kentuckians called to active duty in preparation for World War II. When they went on federal active duty they became Company D, 192nd Light Tank Battalion. On Thanksgiving Day, 1941, The Harrodsburg Tankers landed in the Philippines. On December 7, 1941, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and only hours later they began an attack on the Philippines. The Harrodsburg Tankers, along with the allied forces, fought the Japanese valiantly without reinforcements or resupply until ordered by their superiors to surrender in April 1942. Those who could not escape to Corregidor were in the infamous "Bataan Death March." They were all eventually taken prisoner of war. Only 37 of the original 66 Kentucky Guard Members from Harrodsburg survived Japanese captivity.

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Home Movies

2-138th In Vietnam 1968-69


Watch a selection of home movies made by Mike Simpson who was part of the Kentucky Army National Guard's activation and deployment of the 1-138th Field Artillery to Vietnam in 1968 -1969.

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Peublo Call-Up


View short clips from home movies made by one of the pilots who was part of the Kentucky Air National Guard's activation and deployment of the Kentucky Air National Guard’s 123rd Tactical Reconnaissance Wing in support of the Pueblo Incident (26 January 1968 – 09 June 1969).

On January 23, 1968, the U. S. Navy “spy” ship, PUEBLO was captured off the coast of North Korea precipitated what has become known, as the “Pueblo Incident.” On January 26, the Kentucky Air National Guard's 123rd Tactical Reconnaissance Wing (TRW) at Shewmaker Air National Guard Base in Louisville was recalled to federal service in support of the growing tension between the United States and North Korea. Wing Headquarters and an enlarged 165th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron (TRS) were moved to Richards-Gebaur Air Force Base near Kansas City, Missouri, in July 1968.

During the call-up, the 123rd TRW units flew approximately 20,000 tactical flying hours and delivered almost 320,000 reconnaissance prints to requesting agencies. The command was deployed on important missions to the Panama Canal Zone, the Alaskan Air Command and Itazuke Air Base, Japan. Assigned personnel served on active duty for 16 months and returned to state service in June 1969. Performance during that period attained the unit its first Air Force Outstanding Unit Award (AFOUA).

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623rd Field Artillery in Korea - Home Movies


Service Battery 1/623rd Field Artillery Battalion Home Movies From Korea Dec 1951 - Sep 1952

The following video was reproduced from 16 mm film footage taken by various members of the 623rd Battalion in Korea between December 1951 and September 1952.

The camera was owned by William C. Mayes.

Edited by Douglas Boyd with editorial consulting by Laura Paisley.

Thanks to Service Batter, 623rd Field Artillery Battalion.

Courtesy Kentucky Historical Society.

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Kentucky Air National Guard - Annual Training 1953 Grayling, Michigan


During the period 5 – 19 July 1953, the Kentucky Air National Guard attended Annual Field Training at MacNamara Air Base (now Grayling Army Airfield) located near Grayling, Michigan.

The video, shot by First Lieutenant Edward K. Hand, Flight Surgeon, 123rd Fighter-Bomber Group, Kentucky Air National Guard, was taken the day Kentucky Governor Lawrence W. Wetherby visited to the base.

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