718th Transportation Truck Company 1950

On 29 July 1950, the state’s 718th Transportation Truck Company was ordered into federal service for a period of 21 months, effective 19 August 1950 and sent to Ft. Bliss, Texas. This photo is beleived to be from that time. From left to right TOP row: Shryock, Albert W. Miles, Kenity; Davis, Tomy; Woolside, Eugene; Broyles, James T.; Wright, Carl R. Unkown; Simcox, Ben; Games, Harry L.; Unknown; Sparrow, Maurice; Stevens, Schuyler J.; Unknown; Sebree, David B.; Jenkins, Gordon L.; Adams, Larry N.; Cummins, Willams C.; Uknown. MIDDLE row: Cottongim, Lee E.; Hawkins, James L.; Peach, Harold H.; Chambers, Joseph Donald; Camden, Clifford W.; Games, Waltr T.; Tupts, Paintep H.; Chiles, David; Henry, Eral M.; Tupts Jr., John; Sheets, David; Unkown; Scott Jr., Albert B.; Miller, Edmond D.; Aldridge, Henry C.; Karsener, George R.; Unkown; Walsh, Billy Ray. BOTTOM row: Benassi, William; Atha, Eugene P.; Ropger, Clarence; Cox, Jimmie; Trowtwine, Curran L.; Perry, Alex G; Tompson, George B.; Tripleet Jr., Dudley B.; Tanner, Malcolm Z.; Turner, Billy P.; Oether, vincent; Flowers, John J. D.; Anderson, Thomas F.; Cane, Rober; Gormely, Frank L.; Unkown. Unknown Names that may or may not be in the picture: Howard, Edward E. Scott, John C.; Simcox, John W. Jr.; Thomas, John H.; Hodson, Marion; Stucker, Robert V.; Hibbs, Gabriel D.; McGaughey, Carl E.; Stidham, Jack G.; True, George A. "Tink"; Cutshaw, Charles M.; Deakins, Charles; Detoma, James A.; Sizemore, James; Johnson, Jackie.