Best Focus 1982

In 1981, the Kentucky Air National Guard competed with other aircrews from throughout the United States to win first place in “Photo Finish ’81,” a national photo reconnaissance competition involving the Air Force, Naval Reserve and other Air National Guard reconnaissance units. Their efforts at “Photo Finish” earned the unit the right to participate in BEST FOCUS ’82, an international event which was being held every other year. In 1982 the event was hosted by the Royal Danish Air Force at Air Station Karup during the period 3 June to 11 June 1982. Five international teams were formed. The same Kentucky aircrew that placed first in the national competition also became members of the International Team which placed first in BEST FOCUS ’82. Kentucky aircrews were also on the second and forth place teams. The Denmark trip marked the unit’s first deployment to that country. The following is the 17 July 1982 edition of The Phantom’s Eye, the newsletter of the 123rd Tactical Reconnaissance Wing. This edition covered the BEST FOCUS ’82 event. The editor of the publication at the time was then-Major Edward W. Tonini.​​​​​​