Company B 1st Kentucky Regiment 1916

Company B 1st Kentucky Regiment Fortt Thomas 14 Jul 1916 by Royal Photo Company, Louisville, KY #3.

The Kentucky Brigade was mobilized for the Mexican Punitive Expedition in June of 1916 and trained at Fort Thomas, Kentucky. In August 1916 the Brigade moved to Fort Bliss, near El Paso, Texas. They were stationed at Camp Owen Bierne, some two miles from Fort Bliss. They were attached to the 10th U.S. Provisional Division under command of Brigadier General Charles G. Morton. Their mission was to conduct patrols along a sixty-mile-stretch of the Rio Grande River to Fort Hancock, Texas. In February 1917 they were ordered back to Fort Thomas and mustered out. The roster for the First Regiment, First Battalion, Company B, from Louisville, Jefferson County: Commander – Captain Ellerbe W. Carter First Lieutenant Leo Medley Second Lieutenant James R. Gilman First Sergeant Harry Phillips Quartermaster Sergeant Henry Olges Sergeants: Glidden, Nathan E.; Reinhart, Martin J.; Stucker, Fred C. - Corporals: Conrad, Louis C.; Goss, Fred C.; Rey, Lawrence E.; Reynolds, Warren E.; Ungles, Charles C.; Wahl, H. D.; Musician: Foster, Ray - Privates: Barnett, Espy; Bock, Lewis; Boisseau, Duncan F.; Devine, Matthew; Ezell, Cecil; Finley, Nelson; Frank, Fred; Freeman, William A.; Guilford, Edmund; Greenwell, Clyde; Guilda, George; Harrold, Turner; Hawley, Claude; Henry, Wallace; Hickman, William; Hill, William B.; Hilton, Dolph; Hudspeth, Silas; Jennings, Oliver W.; Kemmflein, William; Kent, William W.; Knighton, Fred; Landwerth, Stephen; Levitch, Philip B.; Lewis, Steven F.; Mangeot, Henry; Martin, Harry; Maze, Fred B.; Messex, James; Montfort, Russell; Mulligan, John; Powell, Henry T.; Raggio, Francis F.; Reinhart, Frank J.; Rodgers, Walter; Royalty, Clarence E.; Russell, Will; Scott, Walter; Sehr, Herman; Spellman, Henry; Summitt, Ernest; Tell, James M.; Thomas, Dee; Todd, Edward; Weatherholt, W. S.; Weidner, Walter; Weishart, Elmer; Weishart, Ernest; Welch, George; Welch, Martin C.; Wernke, Paul G.; Wessell, Leonard; Will, Peter. Courtesy Walker K. McCulloch.​​​​​