State Detachment 1940

KYNG State Detachment Inducted into Federal Service on 10 October 1940 - Front Row - Left to Right - Staff Sgt. Howard J. Funston; Staff Sgt. Gordon C. Critser; Private James H. White; Private James M. Robards; Private First Class Chester L. Villines; Private John H. Schutz; Sergeant Raymond F. Leinenback; Corporal George W. Klutey; Private Maurice W. Griffin; Corporal Ernest R. O'Nan; Private Clyde O. Childress; Sergeant Richard W. Nickens; Sergeant Herbert S. Combest; Master Sergeant Charles A. Brown Back Row - Left to Right - Staff Sergeant Hubert P. Griffin; Technical Sergeant William F. Schutz; Technical Sergeant Charles R. Powless; Private First Class Basil S. Nicholas; Private First Class George R. Nunn; Private Harold L. Klutey; Corporal Robert B. Hicks; Private Jesse R. Newman; Private First Class Robert F. Richardson; Sergeant William J. Strike; Private Charles H. Woodring and Corporal James B. Wallace.‚Äč