Lest We Forget Company D

This poem appeared in the 08 November 1990, edition of The Harrodsburg Herald. John F. Curd served with the 38th Tank Company, prior to World War II. He knew many of the men who went on to serve in Company D, 192nd Tank Battalion.

In Honor of Company D, 192nd Tank Battalion
From Harrodsburg, Kentucky
John F. Curd, 1990

Lest We Forget

In command was a gallant and Christian gentleman, Col. Bacon R. Moore,
In his command were clean cut gentlemen, fearless, brave and more.

When the orders came, that the roster was on call,
They got their affairs in order, and said, “goodbye to all.”

From all over Mercer County they came, but mostly the farms
More than three score in all, answered the call to arms.

From the 38th Tank Co. to Co. “D” 192nd Tank Bn. They went
To Fort Knox, Fort Polk, and off to Bataan, where they were sent.

From a Kentucky National Guard Unit to an Armored Division
So much changed by orders from a War Department decision..

They were examined, classified, and given an intelligence test
Their scores among all groups were high, their IQs were the best.

They trained in the heat and cold.  They were all trained well
And Bataan fell, they went on to enter the gates of hell.

Among all mankind, even heroes, they all stood tall
They soldiered, and lived all for one and one for all.

From the swamps of Louisiana with all its tall pines
They went to California, and on to the Philippines with tropical vines.

There were good times and bad times and some were sad
Except for war, soldiering with them wasn’t at all bad.

They should be the pride of the state, and us all, to say the least,
As for fighting men—they rank among the world’s best.

They took the anguish and pain in good stride
And they endured it all with utmost pride.

When you think of the Alamo, and General Custer’s last stand
The men from Harrodsburg made a sacrifice just as great on Bataan.

How sad, two score and ten years from 1940 and the past,
The patriotism, loyalty, and pride of later generations did not last.

For fear their memory might offend, they would remove the memorial
For this I hope their tarnished souls will always be in turmoil.

To all people with patriotism, loyalty, and trust,
Remembering these gallant soldiers is a must.

Lest We Forget Company D