Tribute to Company D

A Tribute to the Sixty-six Men of Company D of the 192nd Tank Battalion of Harrodsburg, Kentucky Both Living and Dead, Who Sacrificed That Freedom May Live. Written by Louise Isham Dean for ceremony honoring the Harrodsburg Tankers, 14 June 1981.

Nearly forty years ago,
When folks all went to town,
They talked almost to everyone
About the news around.

And always on their hearts and minds,
Was a concern about the men,
Who were prisoners of a war
In a land where they had never been.

In a window on Main Street
Were pictures of these men,
And folks stopped by to see them
Over and over again.

Not knowing when the war would end,
Or knowing anything to be,
Just praying for the war to cease,
With total victory.

From some, there was no word
To comfort or console,
But there was love and there was hope
From the depths of our very soul.

Twenty-nine men did not return
And we honor them today
With remembrance that is special
In a very special way.

Thirty-seven men came home
And thanks be to God, we say
For bringing them safely home
On that Glorious, Wonderful Day,

It doesn't seem quite possible
That all these years have passed
Since the time of liberation
And the men were free at last.

It is our prayer to Almighty God,
That never, never again
Will such atrocities ever occur,
As happened to our sixty-six men.

This tribute to you is from the heart
And words are inadequate, you see,
So accept our thanks, our gratitude
For all eternity.

Tribute to Company D