Kentucky Army National Guard

Historical Newsletters

  • The Kentucky Guardsman - (1955 - 1978) This publication has at various times been an official department publication as the Bluegrass Guard is now and has also been a publication of the National Guard Association of Kentucky
  • The Bluegrass Guard (1980 - Present)


  • Kentucky National Guard 1st Regiment History / Yearbook (1847-1915) Part 1, Part 2
  • Kentucky National Guard Yearbook 1950 - Part 1, Part 2
  • Includes 138th Search Light, XXIII Corps Artillery and 640th Observation. 1956 Lexington KYNG Yearbook
  • Called to Serve Ft Stewart Salutes You! - Yearbook produced by Fort Stewart at the end of Berlin Crisis (28 Oct 61 - 2 Aug 62). Contains information & pictures of 2/123rd Armor and 413th Ordnance Company. Fort Stewart Berlin Crisis Yearbook

Historical Publications

Rotary Wind Aviation History

Various Historical Publications

  • The Vidette Newsletter - 4th Howitzer Battalion, 138th Field Artillery Kentucky Army National Guard only known copy dated 20 December 1963.
  • Sturgis and Clay KY 1956 - In the first days of school in 1956 at Sturgis, 10 black students who were turned back by a jeering mob appealed to Gov. A.B. “Happy” Chandler who called upon the Kentucky National Guard and Kentucky State Police to keep the order outside the school. The Guard held back the crowd the next morning as nine black students entered the school. At the same time, a similar confrontation at a Clay, Ky. grade school occurred when two black students enrolled. The Kentucky National Guard was called to maintain the order outside the school.
  • Kentucky Army Guardsman's Information Booklet - Provided by CW4 (R) Harold Canon. Undated.
Kentucky Army National Guard