The Thirty-Year Peace


During this period of relative peace in our nation's history the Militia was involved in the Seminole War of 1817, the Black Hawk War of 1832, and the Second Seminole War of 1832-41.

The Seminole Wars, also known as the Florida Wars, consisted of three conflicts in Florida between various groups of Indians collectively known as Seminoles and the United States. The First Seminole War was from 1817 to 1818; the Second Seminole War from 1835 to 1842; and the Third Seminole War from 1855 to 1858. The Second Seminole War, often referred to as The Seminole War, was the most expensive Indian war fought by the United States and lasted longer than any war involving the United States between the American Revolution and the Vietnam War.

The Black Hawk War was fought in 1832 in the Midwestern United States. The war was named for Black Hawk, the leader of a band of Sauk and Fox Indians, who fought against the United States Army and militia from Illinois and the Michigan Territory (present-day Wisconsin) for possession of lands in the area.​​